Friday, November 28, 2008

Christmas in Melbourne

The Fella had an excursion with Joey Scouts to the city this week to see the Myer windows. (Myer is a department store that decorates its window with a theme each Christmas)
The program went something like this:
*Take the train into the city
*Walk to the City Square to post letters to Santa
*Go see the Myer windows*Mc Donald's for Dinner
*Then take the train home and on the way practice Christmas Carols for the concert they will give to the elderly next week.

It was a pretty great excursion. The Fella's Scout leaders are a wonderfully dedicated bunch who are so great with this group of boys and two girls. The Fella just loves going. I took The Angel too, who was thrilled because she 1. Got to come and 2. Had a friend who was also a sibling to hang out with.
Some memories I will take with me are:
A large group of excited 6-8 year olds weaving in and out of all the 'suits' excitedly while running along the city streets.
The sticky floor at McDonald's and the sucking noise that came form my feet as I walked to find a seat.
The look on the passengers faces on the train when the bunch of little kids bust enthusiastically into 'Jingle Bells" on the train......... in November.

....... Ahhh Christmas................

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Heres a little peek at some new things

I love them all!
Introducing some new plated colours.
Next thing to work on is some new larger hair corsages as I seem to have sold out.

New Items are on the way!

I have been on a creating spree!
My laundry, a very elegant workspace, is full of Lulu creations which are almost ready to post.
Even more exciting is the box of brass components that arrived form the USA yesterday.
Now the fun will really begin!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

EEK Its been too long......

Not a great show of blog commitment is it?
I hang my head in shame.
I HAVE been flat out though.....

I gathered all my kids outgrown clothing and flogged the whole lot on EBay. It was a job and half and I am still considering whether it was worth the time for the cash I raised. Probably better off making more stock for my shops!!
I have also been having a sale in my Etsy store.
After careful consideration I have decide to clear out anything that I believe other sellers on Etsy have well covered. Its such a HUGE HUGE place with so many sellers, I need to concentrate on my niche area. I am happy with my decision as I wont then have 400 projects on the go and it may mean less mess for my family to live around........ maybe.

I am so EXCITED that Lollishops will be opening soon. I have been busy developing my Lollishop line as well as my Esty line.
I am introducing some silver and Gold plated pieces into my stores as well as a whole bunch of great looking bobby pins to scatter through the hair. I am excited about these because they are so cute.
I also have a great lot of new Vintage Brass bits on the way from the USA. I have specifically purchased these pieces to make hair accessories. I keep an eye on the tracking via USPS everyday and excitedly anticipate their arrival.
Never A dull moment in the Lulu house, I assure you!

Friday, November 7, 2008

The Fella Turns 7

This little Fella happens to be the apple of my eye. As he turned 7 he decided his world had opened up, so it was time that he embraced it. All of a sudden he has gained confidence in all the right places and is moving forward in a big way. He happened to announce, as he was whizzing by speedily on his bike, that he had grown that day, because it was his birthday and growing was something that you do on your birthday.

He is such a sweet gentle soul. The Apple of HIS eye is his little sister, The Princess. He watches over her at all times, always playing games with her and making sure the world is just as she likes it. (Yep, Oh dear!) As he leaves for school each day, he always tells me to 'look after' her while he's at school! They are as thick as thieves together.