Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Getting in Touch with my Inner GIRL

I have had so much fun over the last couple of days getting together some new hair accessories.
I just love making them for little girls, probably because I dream of The Princess growing hair long enough to put them in, and consenting to actually wearing the little adornments . In the mean time I get a great deal of pleasure watching The Princesses vivacious little friend happily prancing about in them. Here's just a few new clippies which I will slowly add to my Etsy store.

I also have some new Girly Gift Sets. I love these!
They have a pretty Hair Clip and a set of Ponytail holders. Perfect for Gift giving and OH SO CUTE!

Monday, October 20, 2008

A Bit of Dirty Work

The Princess (just turned 2) has decided that she doesn't need to sleep anymore at night. She thinks that its OK to stay up til 9pm and possibly later if she really tries her best to turn it on.

That impacts on my work time. I love to work at night when the house is peaceful, but seriously I cant contemplate starting a project after 9pm, so we seem to be on 'go slow'.

Fortunately, The Princess had the opportunity to play with some friends this morning to her absolute delight! I will add it was to my delight too, as I had coffee and chat with friends.

The result of all this was the The Princess had a marvelous day sleep and I got to work.

Today was oxidising day. For a pretty product, it has a messy beginning, as I do all my metal patinas myself. I like my brass dark and moody.

I have a rather large collection of brass filigrees, flower and other components. (These drawers stand 1.2 meters tall)

I source them mostly from America and Italy. I am always of the prowl for new suppliers, but I definitely have my favourites. I love it that they all come from vintage stamping 'molds' and often wonder what else the patterns have been used for previously.

My favourite way to oxidise is by using chemicals and hand cleaning them back. Its a long and dirty process, buts its pretty satisfying too. This is my primitive set up:

These little bits are ready for cleaning back:

After I have cleaned them they sun bake to dry. I reshape a lot of the base bits on a Dap that my Dad made for me. He even made the hammer! I just love using it, its perfect.

And finally they are ready to use.

Hopefully The Princess will cooperate tonight and be in bed by 7.30pm. I live in hope, but now my components are ready I am really keen to get making. I plan to make some more clips for my Etsy shop and start making some really girly Frou Frou for my Lollishop opening in November.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Lulu Angel's New German Dress

Lulu Angel's (10) school celebrates Oktoberfest every year, not with Steins, but with a Dress Up Day, German Lunch and no doubt other cultural activities.
Lulu Angel has worn the same dress since she was 5, so we decided it was time for an upgrade.
It started some months ago when I found a t-shirt at Gymboree which would do perfectly.
I had ideas that I would run up a simple twirly skirt and then make a kind of wide band belt with a lace up centre.

After going to my local fabric store (alone) I settled for a coordinating black and Orange floral for the skirt, with a spot for the laced band belt. After showing Lulu Angel my stash, she was thankfully happy with the fabric choices, but she had different design ideas. Of course her ideas were far more complex too! Our end result was a long floral skirt with spot contrast waist and ruffle with a laced up vest.
Lulu Angel is thrilled and so far has spent her morning twirling about the house happily.

Must be a job well done!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Some New Hair Clip Designs

This little piece was gathered together from little pieces hanging around my workspace. They just called out from the grand pile of filigrees to be put together.

I define my workspace as the whole house and where appropriate, the garden and generally all at once.

Last weekend I made time for making new things by carefully managing the family's activities so that I would have just a few hours without hearing 'MUUUMMMMM' yelled out every five minutes. Having a workspace spread all over the house means that they never quite know where I am and I get a bit of time to myself.

It was such a gorgeous day I set up a trestle under the clothes line. I had linen flapping in my face and glimpses of sunshine peeking through. Pure heaven!

As a result I have a whole bunch of new clips for my store that I am pretty happy with. Wisteria (above) is my favourite. I have finished her off in Champagne colours because I often get requests for that combination, but I think I might have to make another with a bit more colour.

Another favorite is Hester:

Shes just divine!